The bullying phenomenon is a multidimensional problem affecting many aspects of the social life of young people in and out of the school premises. A characteristic of all youngsters and especially teenagers is an aggressive behavior which is displayed in public, places like school, games arena (football, basketball), but out in the streets as well. In order to eliminate the worrying impact and consequences of this phenomenon we must address the root causes that are linked to its development and perpetuation. And the best way to do this is to reach the schools and especially pedagogues (teachers, trainers, tutors, mentors) who are in close communication and relationship with children that are most likely to display aggressive behaviors at an early stage of their lives and socialization with others.
        Once bullying is established as a behavioral pattern it tends to persist through school years and may last well into adulthood. Students need to be educated about bullying and what one can do if one is the victim of a bully and what one can do if one sees another student being bullied. To stop bullying we need to empower the caring majority of students. Teachers can establish and enforce specific rules against bullying, as well as hold regular classroom meetings with students.

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